Jewel Box Auditions

jewel box theatre SM



Saturday, January 5th and Sunday, January 6th2pm – 5pm

by Robin Roberts
February 28 – March 24, 2013
Directed by Don Taylor

We are cordially invited to the dinner party from hell! Junior executive Brooke invites her boss
and his wife over for dinner in the hopes of securing a promotion.  Bad idea ~ so much goes
hysterically wrong that the play is called a farce with all types of eclectic characters coming
and going throughout the evening.
4 males: 20-50
4 females: 20-50

Dirty Works On The Trail
Go Slow With The Pony Express

by Robert Swift
April 11 ~ May 5, 2013
Directed by Jay Prock
We encourage you to BOO, HISS and CHEER! Journey back to the golden days of the melodrama.
Watch the villain plot to disgrace the Pony Express, defraud the railroad and steal the heroine’s money.
Can our hero save his heroine?   Will he ride for the Pony Express?
Why am I asking you?

6 males: 14-65
12 females: 13-65

Actors will read from furnished sides
For Musicals, be prepared for movement combinations.
2 songs prepared-one ballad and one up-tempo (no a capella, CDs or tapes)

Resumes and photographs are required (snapshots, class photo, etc)