FEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics)

FEASTFEAST (Funding Emerging Art with Sustainable Tactics) is a recurring public dinner designed to use community-driven financial support to democratically fund art makers. At each FEAST, patrons give a donation for which they receive supper and a ballot. Diners spend the evening dining and hear artist project proposals and conversing with the artists behind each idea. Attendees cast a vote for their favorite proposal, and by the end of the night, the artist who garners the most votes is awarded a grant comprised of that evening’s door money.


Paseo FEAST is a project of the Paseo Arts Association.


Paseo FEAST #5
Artist Deadline: June 11, 2013, 9 PM
Notification: June 18, 2013
Artist Meeting/Rehearsal: July 10, 2013
Event: July 16, 6 PM
Joey’s Pizzeria, 700 W. Sheridan, OKC

Paseo FEAST #6
Artist Deadline: September 17, 9 PM
Notification: September 24, 2013
Artist Meeting/Rehearsal: October 16, 2013
Event: October 22, 2013, 6 PM
Farmer’s Public Market, 311 S. Klein, OKC


1. Project Summary (one sentence).
Write a one sentence summary for your project. This summary will be printed on the ballot for attendees.

2. Project Description (200-word maximum).
Describe your project. Please be as specific and tangible as possible. If your project includes a public event (such as an exhibition or performance), please indicate your plans.

3. Project Relevance (100-word maximum).
Why is this project important now? What is the project’s historical, personal, and contextual background?

4. Use of Funds (50-word maximum).
How will you specifically spend the money if you are funded?

5. Work Samples
Submit four work samples related to your project or past projects that illustrate your proposal (examples: sketches, maps, diagrams).
Digital Images should be 3″x 5″ or 900 x 1500 px at 300 dpi maximum size.
Video or media artists, submit URL for four work samples.

6. Work Sample List
Number each sample and attach a numbered list of one-sentence descriptions for each.

7. Resume
Include a resume highlighting your artistic experience.

* Each funded artist must present their project at the next Paseo FEAST dinner (3 months later).

To submit a proposal (or ask questions) email: paseofeast@gmail.com


Am I eligible to apply for Paseo FEAST?
Paseo FEAST invites Oklahoma-based artists and creative thinkers, working in all disciplines and at any stage in their career to apply.

How will the artists be selected for each Paseo FEAST event?
A selection committee that represents professionals from the fields of art, music, film, poetry and performance review all submissions and select up to six artists who will be invited to present their projects to the Paseo FEAST audience.

What kinds of projects will the selection committee be looking for?
Some of the qualities that the selection committee will be looking for in artist project proposals include: innovation, creativity, and feasibility. Proposals do not necessarily need to be for discrete projects, but can include specific aspects of a larger project, such as: travel funds for a photo shoot or to meet collaborative partners, rent for a theatre space for a performance already in development, design fees or printing costs for a book of poetry, or supplies for an artist-led community action or event.

How large will the Paseo FEAST grants be?
This depends. All Paseo FEAST grants are funded directly by the diners who come to each Paseo FEAST dinner. The more people who come the larger the grant will be.   Recipients are advised to consult a tax professional regarding the appropriate treatment of the Paseo FEAST grant for Internal Revenue Service purposes.

Are there any “strings” attached to receiving a Paseo FEAST grant?
The only thing we ask of Paseo FEAST grantees is that they return to the next  Paseo FEAST dinner to share progress on their winning project.

If I  submit a project, do I still have to buy a ticket to Paseo FEAST?
Yes. We’re all in this together. Everyone who’s attending Paseo FEAST, including presenting artists and event organizers, must buy a ticket. The ticket helps offset costs of the meal and funds the winning project.

How often will Paseo FEAST events take place?
Paseo FEAST dinners take place three times per year.

I can’t make it to the event, can I still apply?
No — You must be present at Paseo FEAST to present your proposal.

I applied for Paseo FEAST but was not selected. May I apply again?
Yes – We receive many proposals and can only accommodate six per event.

Do I need to be a member of the Paseo?

If I am funded, when can I apply again?
Winning artists must wait at least one year before applying again.