The HUB Idea

The Oklahoma Arts HUB provides locals and tourists an easy way of exploring the arts in Oklahoma. The HUB Calendar provides an efficient way to plan your support of the Oklahoma arts community by giving you a tool that is as simple as the way you plan your life; using your personal calendar.

Behind The HUB

Meghan and Robbin met while both were working at Stage Center in Oklahoma City. Robbin was running the box office and Meghan signed on to be her part time assistant. They’ve been fast friends ever since.

Meghan got married, moved away to go to graduate school and had two darling baby boys. She also continued working in theatre and for venues, honing her front of house skills. Robbin continued working in theatre and nonprofits, fine tuning skills in volunteer management, marketing and tourism.

As life would have it, Meghan moved back to the greater OKC area bringing her dream of an all-encompassing arts calendar. Sharing the idea with Robbin, the two set about scheming, planning and dreaming. The OK Arts HUB is that dream brought to life.

Our goal for The HUB is simple; to bring patrons to the venues we love. The Greater OKC area is ripe with talent, a plethora of venues offering quality productions, performances, and visual and performing arts. We love and admire the people on the stage, the crews working behind the scenes, the administrators laboring over what to put before the crowds and the countless volunteers helping to bring it all together. We dedicate The HUB to all of them!

How The HUB got its Name

John M. Johansen, the Architect of Stage Center designed the building as a HUB for the performing arts. As you read above, Meghan and Robbin met at this amazing structure, which was the starting place of their lifetime friendship. When it came time to name their arts calendar, they went back to their roots at Stage Center and the vision that John Johansen had for his building, the word HUB seemed fit.


While we make every effort to make sure the listings are current and up-to-date, you may occasionally find an incorrect or expired listing. As The HUB is a grass-roots effort run entirely by volunteers, we encourage you to offer us your support by gently pointing out what we could do better, offer up a new venue we might not have listed or any other constructive piece of advice that will only enhance the usability of The HUB. We appreciate your support!


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